The Company

During the management's taking over by the second generation in 1994, the Hubert Eichenlaub Transporte und Spedition GmbH came out from the Hubert Eichenlaub Transport Company which had been founded in 1949 and were since doing business in this field.


A close cooperation with the Daimler plant at Wörth has been developed during the years and the Eichenlaub Transport Company especially dealt all the logistic service being connected with the lorry tire's preparation for the production at the Wörth plant.

On the course of this the circle of cooperation tire manufacturers with the Eichenlaub Transport Company increased continually. Reliability was since the company's foundation and is still our major maxim to satisfy our customers, a fast which did not stay unknown!

Tire suppliers
We cooperate with the following tire suppliers:


In order to organize processing quicker and more sufficient the field of lorry tires by JIT/JIS procedure was cut off from the transport field being put under the roof of the Eichenlaub Logistic GmbH, founded the 01.12.2004.

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